APL Shipping App

Designed to fit your lifestyle, the APL Shipping app is your mobile companion to have shipping information at your fingertips.

Download the APL Shipping app today to instantly access all aspects of your transport chain in real-time:

  • Access your shipment dashboard (requires eBusiness account)
  • Track your shipments by container number
  • Get routing solutions covering major trades and intermodal networks worldwide
  • Bookmark and share search results
  • Read about APL's latest service, operational and rates updates
  • Locate your nearest APL agency
Shipment DashboardTrack ShipmentRouting Finder

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Download* the APL Shipping app today!

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*Note: If you already have the APL Box Track app on your mobile device, you simply need to update the app to transform to the APL Shipping app, complete with its full suite of services

WeChat Track & Trace

With APL’s Track and Trace function on WeChat, enjoy real-time shipment status at your fingertips:

  • Search with up to three container or BL numbers
  • Get the exact cargo location and status
  • Know the routing details on all relay ports, including estimated arrival and departure dates


  1. Scan the QR code to access APL's WeChat account in China "APL 中國"
  2. Once on "APL 中國", tap “業務查詢" in the bottom menu, then tap "貨物追蹤” to begin using the Track & Trace function.

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